The Fevival

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Did anyone else think that the fried oreos were amazing?
Friday night we headed over to the Holy Trinity Festival (fevival as Wip calls it).

It was my first time as a parent that I realized just how quickly you can spend money when it comes to your kids and festivals/carnivals/Disney World (if that day ever comes:).  In less than one hour we spent $40 on rides, food, and games.

It was also the first time we have been in a public setting and Wip informed me that he needed to use the potty (major progress).  This potty training thing could be my most challenging lesson to pass along to my son.  I have wanted to hurt him, celebrate with him, and cry with him in his frustration.  Long road, but I know he will not be going to college in a diaper.  Thank you diaper man.

Fishing for prizes

Hey Brother...hope you are enjoying that ride

Its would be more fun if you were on here with me

Daddy is nervous