Parade disaster and why I would not change a thing...

Friday, May 4, 2012

If you ever go to the Derby Parade here are a few things that I learned:

1.  You need a plan.  In my head I thought I would just get to Main Street and motor on down to Broadway after finding some off street parking.  Wrong.  We had to walk eight blocks to find our seats.

2.  Double check to make sure you have the tickets.  Aunt Fe Fe gave us some fabulous tickets. Wip and I made it to Preston Street only to discover that the tickets must have fallen out of my purse.  I have become such a rule follower in my later years that I was too chicken to make it to the 103-section green, row A, seat 1 and inform folks that my tickets were in the car.

3. Wait to get snacks until later. The heat was blazing and I ordered a chocolate popcicle for Wip. It melted faster than he could eat it, which resulted in a melt down (from both the popcicle and Wip).

4.  All types go to the parade.  I saw a 9 month pregnant lady smoking a cigerette, tattoos on every inch of a person's body, and clothes that did not cover nearly what needed to be covered in public. We went from prime seats to muddy grass and both of my feet fell asleep, when I tried to stand up I almost fell over right on top of a woman smoking a cherry flavored cigarette. Nice.

5. We saw tiny ponies, floats, bands, and after it was all said and done on the way back to the car, Wip looked up at me and said "mommy, I had fun at the parade". This statement was enough to make it all worth it.