Mom's Day at the Temple

Sunday, May 20, 2012

On Friday it was Mom's Day at the Temple. Upon arrival the mommy's sat down to delicious tea and cupcakes with our little ones. We then watched a circle time and I knew that this preschool is worth every penny.  It was not so much what Wip was telling Ms. Marie (that is a triangle, blue is the color of the cookie monster, etc.) it was the fact that he was sitting among 12 other children and raising his hand (patiently) to be called on. It is one thing to know your colors, numbers, etc. it is a completely different thing to learn how to be patient so I can't thank Ms. Marie and Ms. Tara enough for all that they have done for my little boy.

Sitting patiently 

The sweetest pillow gift ever!
After the tea/circle time/gift presentation we all gathered for a school wide puppet show.  It was clear that these folks have visited the school before because the children were very excited and knew most of the questions they asked before getting started. The show was Jack and the Beanstalk and it was pretty cute. Wip was mesmerized by it. After the show I noticed that he immediately went up to the lady in charge of the puppets. When I walked up to see what was going on she was laughing so hard and nodding along with everything Wip was telling her. It turns out, he thought that she should be aware of what she missed. He was explaining that there was a giant, a cow, and a beanstalk in the show. Very nice of him not to want to leave folks out of the fun.

As if Mom Day, puppet shows, and getting to leave early with mommy was not enough.  I had to go back to KCD to get my computer and it happened to be Exploremore (a.k.a the most insane field day that you have ever witnessed).  We drove up and saw REAL horses on the campus so of course we had to stop and say "hello".
This is Mickey