Highlights of the Week

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It is only Wednesday and I already have highlights!

Some might say that I favor Duncan. As most children do he is going through a phase in which he throws his food. I must admit that I have been a little more lax in telling him "no" in some areas then I was with Wip (this is partially because watching over two little ones is much different that watching over one).

The other day Duncan decided to throw some food and started giggling.  His daddy told him "no, no, we don't throw food" which was followed by a most adorable smile. It happened again, and this time mommy looked him in the eye and said in the most stern voice I have ever used with this precious pumpkin "no! we do not throw food". Well the lip poofed  out, the tears started flowing, and I clearly realized that discipline is the hardest part of parenting.

Auntie is on bed rest. In the car on the way home from school I was trying to explain to Wip that we needed to stop at the store to make Auntie and Uncle Scotty dinner because she was on bed rest.  He automatic response was "why?".  I said, "why do you think Auntie is on bed rest?" in which he responded "because she has that baby in her belly".  It was right!

Duncan received a mailing about his shareholders meeting in June with Churchill Downs...he is diligently preparing for it.

Finally, we went to the place that I loath (Henry's Ark) with friends yesterday (Coop informed me that the zoo had too many hills for an 8 month pregnant lady...good point). John looks thrilled with the cat.


omtram said...

Oh, poo. Loathe is such a strong word. I'll just rent a van next time and pile all the kids in and take them all myself. You can stay home and have no fun :)