Wednesday, March 7, 2012

While shopping at Fresh Market today a sweet lady was going "ga ga" over my boys (who can blame her?).  She then got a little embarrassed and sheepishly commented that it was the "grandparent in her" to talk to children.

This got me thinking...Wip and Duncan have some pretty amazing grandparents.  It is not only all that they do for them (driving up from Lexington (all of the time:), making sure they look their "Easter best", bringing new books to read to them, having a baseball stand as Wip calls it (aka basketball goal) put in for future fun, providing one of the best snack selections for afternoons with Mimi...gees the list could go on and on).

While Patrick and I appreciate everything that these four amazing people provide, I think it makes me the happiest to see all four go "ga ga" over these two special munchkins.

Grandparents Day at the Temple

Poppy and Wip making a car at Home Depot