I'd like to thank Richard Scarry

Monday, February 27, 2012

I think my kid is pretty smart (go ahead, roll your eyes). Mrs. Bobbie Thomason (Patrick's first grade teacher) bought the Richard Scarry book "Best Word Book Ever" when Wip was a baby.  He LOVES it and has practically worn the book out from "reading" it so much.  I have picked up a couple of things that Wip talks about that he could have only learned from Richard Scarry.  

For example, on the way home from a doctor check up today Wip said "we have been to the doctor, and now we need to go to the supermarket for some food, and then the bakery for some cookies".  It was almost as if he had a to do list in his carseat (boy after my own heart).  If you have ever read "Best Book Word Book Ever" you would know that there is a section about a doctor, supermarket, and a bakery.

Another example comes from Wip talking about what else?  Animals.  Wip loves to run through all of the animals that he knows (the list keeps growing!).  When he was going over the list he mentioned pigs, ducks, cows, horses, and then informs me that those animals live on a farm.  The list continues with zebras, elephants, lilons (lions), rhinos, and those animals (you guessed it) live in the zoo.  Once again there is a section in the book for Farm Animals and Zoo Animals.  

I just hope his love of "reading" continues.