The Perfect Saturday

Thursday, October 29, 2015

He cheered "lets go Wip, lets go Daddy" about 100 times in the 8 minute car ride

I had a pass to hang out with Duncan for Wip's tee ball game. We still have about 3 games left and Patrick said there was no reason for us to head up to the game. After Wip and Patrick left Duncan looked at me and said "where did they go?". I explained that they went to Wip's tee ball game and Duncan exclaimed "we need to go and cheer them on!". Of course we did, who needs a morning of reading the paper and sipping coffee? We rushed to brush our teeth and get dressed and head out to the game. The entire way, Duncan was practicing his cheers for Wip with his "megaphone" he also looked at me and said "mommy, if we are all at the game we will be able to be there as a family". That kid. Just like him to put it into perspective for me. He is a character. 

After the game we got home and when I asked the boys if they would like to watch "Inside Out" (this was of course so I could get some cleaning done)...Wip exclaimed "mommy, will you please snuggle with me while we watch the movie". Jees!  This was turning out to be the most perfect Saturday in which I got nothing accomplished:)

The movie time was perfect. Perfect. I love that movie so much and the boys know there are some parts that I find a little tear jerking. Each time one of those parts would come on they would look at me and say "don't cry mommy!". 

Patrick brought home lunch from Swine and Sons (amazing) and after lunch it was time for a dip. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. I bought a donut float for the upcoming Trunk or Treat that we are hosting and the boys took full advantage of the new toy in the pool. After about an hour in the pool I bribed them with another movie (this time Aladdin). Patrick came home from his haircut and gave me the rest of the afternoon to go to the gym and run errands. 

Time with the boys. Time with my husband. Time for myself. This truly equals the perfect Saturday!

Duncan pointed out that the bird poop on my car looked like a flamingo head

Of course I will snuggle with you...the laundry can wait!

Perfect movie

Little donut float play time before the next movie:)