Saturday, October 24, 2015

I think one of the best compliments I have heard in a while is when we had some friends stay with us and the house was a mess and the children were running around like crazy and she looked at me and said "I feel so at home here".

One of the great things about moving to the happiest place on earth is people come to visit! Seriously. We love it. We have room. We have a pool. We even have an extra fridge in the garage that I almost got rid of when we moved in, but it has proved to be a necessity for holding casseroles, beer, and any other extras.

A few weeks ago Mike Arnett (army major and doctor) and his family came over for dinner because they were on a Disney vacation. Doc Arnett and Patrick met at KCD through the Bridges to Fort Campbell project that brings together the KCD community and the soldiers and families of Fort Campbell. Doc is such a great guy...down to earth, brilliant, and kind. He has seven children and one on the way. Seven. Almost eight. When Patrick said that they were coming over for dinner I was a little nervous. What a silly thing to be nervous about. The children were WONDERFUL. All seven. His wife was nice and engaging and awesome. In fact, the adults were able to sit on the patio for about three hours while all of the children played with legos and magna tiles in the house and you would have never even known that they were there. It was pretty cool. So they have six boys and one girl...any guesses on what number eight will be?
kids playing

adults catching up
Next up...some of my most favorite people on the planet came to stay with us. The Robertson crew surprised their daughters with a Disney vacation for fall break. Alice is eight and Lulu is six. The girls love the movie "Dolphin Tale" and I thought it would be fun to visit Winter the dolphin featured in the movie. Winter lives in Clearwater and when I inputted the information on my map it said it was 45 minutes away. As we piled in the car and Patrick put the address on his phone it was 2 hours and 30 minutes away. OOOOOOOOOOPS. Major oops. I have no idea what I did. Unfortunately, I know a couple of sweet girls that were not very happy that Winter was not feeling well that day (cough, cough).  It did not put a damper to our time with them. Instead, we visited Kappy's the greasy spoon of Maitland, explored the Winter Park Boat Tour, and did a lot of swimming and visiting. So much fun. Miss this crew.
Robertson's take on Disney

Coop takes care of books tonight

This was discovered in Lulu's journal. I might feel a little lot guilty about it. 
I went to high school with a pretty little red head named Ann. How lucky am I that over 20 years later we are still great friends? She and her sweet family also did a surprise Disney fall break trip and we met up with them for the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and then they stayed with us for the weekend and we had so much fun! Thankfully Ann married a music lover (like Patrick) and our kids are almost the exact same ages. Could not have been more perfectly planned. Good times!

Devil and Toothless #literallyandfiguratively 

Trying to get that sword out (for a long, long, time) 

On to the tea cups. Notice that all of the children are in one cup which means all of the adults were in another cup (I will spare you the picture:)



He is also DONE but you can hardly tell with the mask on

Parker and Wip gettin crazy at the Halloween store

Our doors are always open and we love visitors!  Just let us know when you want to book your stay at the Mulloys!