School Dayz

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The school year has taken off. From field trips to homework we are in a groove. Here is a little sneak peak at the school year (so far)....

these two...even though they are no longer in the same class they are thick as thieves

Wip keeps losing teeth

Wip was the first to get to take home the class pet...Molly Mouse is in the house

She took a dip

Built her a hotel

She even got a medal

Went down the slide

Took a ride on the skateboard (safety first)

Had a little swing time

She was the first ever to have face time

Bikin' in the basket

Good food

Then it was time to go back to school

We recreated the volcano experiment from science class

Duncan went to the grocery store for a field trip

He got lots of goodies

class pic

Wip's version of mommy and daddy

Johnny Appleseed Day

taking it in

He just keeps losing teeth

Field trip to a local restaurant

Wip and his buddy

Learning about the restaurant

Planting some herbs

Duncan went to a farmers market/petting zoo (he loves his buddy Owen)

Nice bunny

Bass in the house

Group pic
So there you have it in a nut shell (so far:)...lots of fun trips, lost teeth, and memories. 


Melody Kazee said...

Great pictures, love that you are so big in Wips drawing! Keep me comin