Q and U Get Married!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

From the moment I stepped on the Park Maitland campus, I have heard about the Q and U wedding. What is the Q and U wedding you might ask? Well, let me explain...

All year the students have been learning about letters through the letter people. Every week Wip would come home and get very excited about the new letter person introduced. Mr. G was his favorite {he chewed gum}. The end of the year celebration is a time when Mr. Q married Ms. U.

We received this:

The funniest part is how both Patrick and I overlooked the communication about bring a "dish" that started with our last name. The morning of the event, Wip told us that he needed food that started with his last name. Patrick was going to put dry macaroni in a bag and then we discovered a few marshmallows and threw them in a ziplock bag. Off to school he went. I cracked up when we arrived at the wedding and the spread of food was spilling over on the tables...apparently the 3 marshmallows that we brought did not make the spread:)

So the event brought together the entire class. 

The children made placemats and we also received a book with a handprint animal for every letter {this took a LOT of work}.

The children sat on quilts for the ceremony {I mean the details of this event!}

There was an actual ceremony when Q married U...and entertainment here and here and here.

 I mean the details...

We had so much fun hanging out...

Telling secrets...

 And of course eating cake!

I think the best part of the entire event was seeing these best buds...I never get tired of it.