Friday, May 1, 2015

While I have loved our adventure, I have missed home. I have missed my family, friends, and just the general comfort that I had in Louisville, KY. Nothing could have prepared me for how much I would miss home this week. I sobbed when I got off the phone with a friend who was heading into a Derby event. I scroll for hours looking for the latest #Thurby or #derbyweek photos on social media. I talk {a lot} to anyone that will listen about packing the perfect lunch for the track, how to prepare for sore feet, pacing yourself because there is something about that track beer {you get the picture}. This has been a lesson to make it a priority next year to make the trip to Louisville. 

In the middle of my sobbing and scrolling, there are a few things that I have been loving lately that I thought I would share:

1. We made this salad for dinner the other night. I forgot to add the pesto and I added a little bit of my own vinaigrette, but let me just tell you that it is a KEEPER. Yum.

2. I received as a gift this personalized tote a few years ago and I LOVE it. It is the perfect everyday bag and I use it all of the time. Lately, I have been looking {daydreaming} at personalized totes that have a little more structure.
This one is nice:

or this one:

I LOVE this one in navy {with a little gold monogram, it might be the perfect bag}:

3. We are not dog people {even though I am raising the biggest animal lover on the planet}. The boys have fallen in love with Jack, our neighbors dog. They will play with him outside, invite him to come to our house, and get giddy when they see him come around. The other day at the grocery store, Duncan asked if we could get treats for Jack. I checked with our neighbor and we now have a "treat" container for Jack. This is the best way to have a pet {just wondering how long it will last}.

4. I am a weirdo. I looooove taking really long showers, but I do not like getting ready. I will find any quick fix or skip steps just to get the getting ready part over with. I discovered this at the store and while it seems silly, it has saved me a step and for that I am in love.

5. The other day we were waiting for Daddy in the car and the boys put on my glasses and wanted me to take thier picture. They thought that they looked like Harry Potter:). Wip said that he cannot wait to read the books, I love that he is such a book dude.

Happy Derby Y'all!