Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dear Wip,

You are six today...SIX! Six is serious. It is an age of discovery and wonder and I have a feeling it is going to be a "little bit great" year for you.

You are such a curious student. You immerse yourself in books. The other day on the way home from the beach you studied the Animal Encyclopedia for a solid hour and fifteen minutes barely looking up. You love school. This year you were introduced to drama and it sparked something inside of you. I know that you would have preferred to be an animal in the play "Are You, My Mother?", but you made a fantastic plane and I can't wait to see what other roles come your way.

You are such an encouraging teacher. I am sure you get this trait from your daddy, but you are such a cheerleader when it comes to teaching others. Anytime you are in "teacher" mode and ask a question, depending on the answer you will give the response "good try" or "good jooooob!", I would love to be one of your students one believe in everyone.

You are a bit of a celebrity. Everyone knows you. From the older kids at your school to the little boy in line at the ice cream shop whispering to his mom "there is Wip". It seems that you are known wherever we go. Even Father Lord {yes, that is the real name of the priest at our church} loves to mention you during the service {one time you told him that you wanted to be a priest and now you are one of his favorites}. You have a love of life that is infectious, people just love being around you.

You are the best big brother. Ever. I know I go back to this year after year, but watching the love and laughter between you and your brother is the greatest gift I could ever receive. You love him more than anything. You also love your family. Family is everything to you, and I hope you always remember that family is what matters.

I have watched your excitement about turning six {we have been in countdown mode since February} and yet I just want time to freeze. I know six will be amazing. This has been a year of transition and I am so proud of you for embracing it {even though it was hard}. Leaving your house and friends and family is hard. I am sorry that I was not more in tune with your feelings, but I know now that your feelings mattered. I will always support and love you and I am so proud of how you have transitioned into our new home.

I want you to be "almost 6" year old Wip forever. Seriously. The joy and happiness you have brought to me and your daddy cannot be measured. I love you Wip. I will tell you until I am no longer around. I love you. I love you so much and I will move on from my "please stay five forever phase" knowing that six is going to be a pretty awesome year too. Happy birthday, doodlebug.

Love you more,


Melody Kazee said...
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Melody Kazee said...

This is so sweet. I love this little man so very much. Hope you both have a wonderful 6th Birthday!