Bottle It Up

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wip was his best this past weekend. Best. On Sunday, I was heading out to run errands as Wip was going to the bathroom. I gave a quick goodbye and all of a sudden the door flew open from the bathroom and out came Wip. He just wanted to give me a hug.

Patrick, Mimi, and Granddaddy took Wip to a basketball game and said that he was so well behaved that someone came up and told him that they wished their child would sit through a basketball game so nicely. Keep it up kid!

We went to dinner on Saturday night with friends and he drew pictures (animals, of course) and passed one to each person sitting at the table. So sweet.

We celebrated John Speiden's 5th birthday party on Sunday (5! Really?). It was a great party with soccer, pizza, and teenage mutant ninja turtle cupcakes (how cute?). As the pizza was being passed around to the children, I noticed Wip trying to get my attention. When I went over to him he made me bend down (he is very into whispering something in your ear when he needs to share something). He told me to make sure that John Speiden's mommy gave me and Patrick a piece of pizza. I just thought it was so sweet that in the chaos of being with his friends and eating pizza and cupcakes that he was looking out for his parents (don't worry, I had like 3 slices:).

Wip is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but he is sweet. I just want to bottle up his sweetness and pass it around...I think it would make the world a better place.