House For Sale

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

As most of you know our house is for sale (insert frustration face here). We never know if we will be able to get into our house so I have to adjust our days constantly. I have been trying to come up with creative and fun ways to be out and about, but as you can see below (and thanks to old man winter sticking around) we have mostly been in our car!
Thank goodness the boys enjoy looking at books in the car
We have been to both malls (several times)

The rides cost $1 each time so I just have the boys pretend that they are driving (not sure how long that will work:)

We have been to the cookie shop (obvi)
Same ride, different mall

We take naps

We go to the zoo
Click here to see some chickens!

We go to random toy stores at the mall 

We check out the middle school performance of Alice and Wonderland at KCD (and wake up from a naps)

Wip asked me why there was a "ghostbuster" sign on Duncan's seat

I make the boys pose (in the car)

We like to push buttons

We act like goofballs!
If (and only if) it is not freezing we do get outside. On this day I completely forgot that KCD was still in session when I took them to the playground!  Oooops!