Happy Customer

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Yesterday I needed a couple of things from Trader Joe's.

I had both boys with me in the car and Duncan fell asleep (per usual) around 4 p.m.

It was one of those "game time" decisions in which you have to decide...do I just ride on past the store because taking out a sleeping toddler (aka dead weight) and a four year old (only interested in buying ice cream) could be a complete disaster.

I took a chance. I decided to play my cards and go into the store. I gave Wip a pep talk about how he needed to help me (for some reason, Wip really {really} enjoys it when you ask him to help you do something).

Picture it. Dead weight Duncan passed out on my shoulder and Wip gripping my hand as we walk through the parking lot. I asked Wip to get one of the smaller carts and told him that he was going to have to be the big boy and put all of the items that we needed into the cart. His eyes lit up with excitement and he (of course) asked to go to the ice cream isle first. After picking out some ice cream, he went around and put bread, juice, and cheese into his little cart. He could not have been more proud of himself and really got a kick out of helping me out as his brother drooled all over my coat as we walked through the store.

We were ready to check out and we walked past the Trader Joe version of Cheetos. Wip asked if we could buy some and I told him maybe another time. He said "what if another kid comes by and wants to buy them and the store runs out?". I explained that they will be here the next time we are ready to buy them, but I did love how everyone around us started chuckling.

As we were checking out, Wip whispered something in my ear. He said "mommy, that guy is really cool", talking about our cashier. I told the cashier what Wip told me and he said "that is really adorable" only to have Wip follow it up with "mommy, will you please tell him what I said". Wip made someones day. And that is why it made my heart so happy to be his mama at that very moment.

I know not every trip to the grocery will go this smooth, but I will cherish the moment when it does.