Needlepoint Belt Curse is Broken

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Growing up in Lexington it seemed everyone caught the needlepoint belt craze.

While I never did the "spend tons of money and time on a needlepoint belt for your boyfriend only to break up" belt, one summer when I was a lifeguard at Constitution Pool I made myself a puzzle needlepoint belt.

After working the entire summer on it (during my breaks of course) I put it in my mom's car to have it leathered.  One day she came home with a new car.  I remember running out and the first thing I asked was "did you get my belt out of the trunk?".  I don't think she even knew it was back there and hence my summer project was gone and while a boy did not break up with me, it almost felt worse.

Fast forward 19 years.  When Wip was just a baby I started a trucks needlepoint belt for him that I would mainly work on when we were at the beach. He is now almost 3, and I am proud to announce that the belt is complete. I must say that it looks pretty darn cute on him.