Stock Market Day

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our day was like the stock market.  It had its ups and downs.

We started out with a great 9 month wellness check up for Duncan.  He weighs 20 pounds (50%), is 29 5/8 inches (92%), and his head circumference is 18 3/4 in (95%) father like son!  Nurse Sue said that he is right on target with everything and he did not even cry during his finger prick.  He is the best.
Happy Baby
When we got home from the doctor we had a special package at the door from Grams's friend Beth Jackson!  A special circus picnic blanket that will be perfect for spring afternoons at the park.  

Thank you Beth!

Brothers playing
Then the day started to go downhill. After trying to put the boys down for a nap (unsuccessfully) I left the oven burning while tending to a crying baby and the entire house became a smokey mess. Wip spilled an entire jar of enchilada sauce on his shirt (that I just put him in) when trying to "help" me make a casserole for Kristen and Bob (they just had Baby Everett on Friday!). After cleaning Wip up and getting both boys dressed for an afternoon with their friends, Duncan was trying to keep up with his brother and fell on his tooth and got a bloody lip.  Shooowee, I am exhausted just typing that.
Poor little man
We ended the day with our best friends at Henry's Ark (not mamas favorite place, but hey its for the kids).
Feeding the goats

The sun is shining on these three little angels

Watch out for the creepy emu!
Just like the stock market you have good moments and bad, but I would trade any of it for the world.