Zoo with Friends

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is it March?  Yes.  Is it 86 degrees outside?  Yes. Does that mean we needed a trip to the zoo with our friends?  Absolutely!

We picked up Israel for an afternoon of fun and Wip passed out on the way to his house.  I started a conversation with Israel (while Wip was asleep) and asked him what his favorite music instrument was, he replied "symbols".  He then asked me what I thought that Wip's favorite music instrument was and I told him that Wip enjoyed the piano.  Israel replied "yeah, I can see him as a Beethoven".  Not kidding, I almost lost it I was laughing so hard.

Aunt Fe Fe was kind enough to transport Duncan so that I could fit Israel and Wip in my car.  The kids were so excited to get into the zoo!

Sadly the hippos were not around, but that did not stop these boys from searching.

Preston is pretty good at smiling for the camera.  

You can tell that these little people have their picture taken (a lot!).  As soon as I tried to get them to sit together all they kept saying was "CHEEEEEEEEESE".

This was one of my favorite moments of the day...I told the boys that their daddy's went to school together.  They were going back and forth with Israel saying "my daddy is Scott" and Wip saying "my daddy is Patrick".  It was pretty cute.