Pinch Me

Friday, December 25, 2015

We had to start some new traditions this year. While I missed friends, family, and was a little sad that our church did not do the candlelight service with Silent Night (always a tear jerker) it has been a pretty spectacular Christmas. Honestly, the pure joy and happiness of watching Christmas unfold through the eyes of a six year old might just be the best thing ever. Wip was excited about EVERYTHING. Toys, lights, advent calendar, Ernie the Elf, trees, cards, etc. Sometimes throughout the month, I would just want someone to pinch me to make sure that this was real. Thankfully, it was.

All Saints School put on a chaotic (but precious) pageant

Duncan was a king (wiseman)

Duncan, Owen, and Bass...buds

After the performance, Wip made this picture for Duncan to show how proud he was 

This little elf was pumped about his pj day at school

Wip was determined to dress up as Frosty

We hosted our first party and it was a hit! 

I was trying to say "look people showed up" with my thumb, but Susan was saying "good times" with her thumb:)

Ernie was so much fun to have around...we will miss you little elf

Duncan wrapped up his football season by scoring a touchdown in the last game

Wip wanted to have friends over to decorate gingerbread we did!

We thought it would be fun to spend the night at one of the GINORMOUS resort hotels and experience a little Florida Christmas

We went to the ICE! exhibit. The advertisement kept making it seem like it was a show. It was not. It was a $30 ticket to walk around ice sculptures for about 7 minutes before you were so cold you could not stand it. You also had to wear rented jackets (gross). Live and learn:) 

what the heck

Pretty cool

Selfies with this silly

Complimentary photo from Gaylord (ha!)

Hotel pool time!

Complete with a showing of Jingle All The Way 

Tuckered out

After our hotel stay we went to breakfast at IHOP...we have a feeling this will not be the last time Duncan finds himself in a IHOP talking about the night before:) 

Christmas Eve at Sea World

Face paint or a snack

Duncan went for the snack

This Christmas has been all about the legos...I was so impressed when Wip put this together on his own

Felt so much love from family and friends near and far

Opened this on Christmas Eve...he was pleased

So was he

Christmas morning...these boys are so blessed

Both boys had to take breaks before opening all of the presents

Wip played zoo in his room for about two hours...this kid loves his animals

So there you have it. Our holiday season has been filled with so much love and happiness. I have no idea what I did to deserve this little family of mine, but every once in a while I do give myself a little pinch..just to make sure.