Friday, November 14, 2014

This post should be "perspective" instead of Lovin', but I could not resist that smile of Duncan so Lovin' it will remain...

1. Have you seen the ESPN E:60 videos? I have probably posted one in the past. I don't know of one video they have made, that I have not sobbed. Inspiring, humbling, courageous. Just a few of the words that come to mind when you meet Willie Burton (from Louisville!) in this powerful video about his dream of becoming a wrestler...for goodness sake get a tissue and do not say I did not warn you. Will Power

2. Cancer sucks. Two of my friends in the past two weeks have lost their mothers to cancer. My heart hurts for them. This article reminded me of such courage when faced with such an ugly disease.

3. Following directions. Wip is so into drawing and art that our apartment looks like a gallery with all of the drawings hung with painters tape. Earlier this week he created this masterpiece..

4. Inspired. As if Willie was not enough...I went to a breakfast (at the Ritz Carlton...fancy) for National Philanthropy Day. Meet Sadie. She has a chronic illness that has made life not the easiest...so what did she do about it?  Created a nonprofit called High-5-Club that offers support and care kits to other families needing medical treatment. She received the prestigious Youth Philanthropist Award and when she accepted she could not have been gracious. Oh yeah, she is 10. 

5. Breakthrough. The other night I deconstructed the salmon salad I made in hopes that the boys would at least try some of it. I almost passed out when Wip started inhaling the salmon, scarfed down the peas, green beans, and tomatoes and tried the corn (but was not a fan). Pardon me as I go and make a little "successful dinner" check mark in my notebook. 

6. I only wanted to put 5 items on my Lovin' list, but just in case you have not seen Marcel the Shell...you are welcome.