High School

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

When I arrived this guy handed me this picture from senior year spring break...check out that camera (and those highlights!). 
When you see the word high school what kind of feeling do you have? Some could not get out of high school fast enough, while others never really left. I have to say I was somewhere in the middle. High school for me was a time when I developed some of the deepest friendships I would ever have and also a time when I made some really silly choices. I regret not getting to know my teachers and not staying committed to a sport (hello, soccer, dance team, and swimming), but I also had comfort in knowing that I could call anyone in my group of friends and they would be there for me in a second (oh the drama of being a teenage girl and needing an army of other teenage girls to be on my side).
Lets get this party started

Loved seeing Tif's mom and meeting Payden 

Jason or Josh? Either way...I love them both! They get the made me laugh a lot award.

Friends till the end

Chilly but fun!

Love this picture


Had so much fun hanging with this gal

She is a beaut

Are you ready?!!!

How about those nametags?

I was not super excited to make the trip up to Kentucky for my 20th high school reunion, but I was not dreading it either. Again, I was somewhere in the middle. The world of social media has really taken the suspense out of events like reunions because everyone already knows what is going on in other peoples lives. When we arrived at the restaurant on Friday night the first person I saw was one of my best friends from 4th grade who moved away before we graduated and I had completely lost touch with her. The memories came flooding back (remember when we enter ourselves in the science fair and realized that making a robot was not possible so we did a water filtration experiment...boring! or that time that your mom was curling her eyelashes and sneezed...painful!). From there on out it was just nonstop fun. Catching up, laughing, and maybe a few cocktails. Saturday we went to Keeneland (one of my favorite places in the world) and then danced the night away at what I had anticipated being a low turn out ended up being the perfect amount of people with the best attitudes (there to have a good time).
I have the best memories with everyone in this photo
So a weekend that I was expecting to be a ehhh turned into a weekend that I will never forget. So. Much. Fun.