My Ol' Kentucky Home

Saturday, August 13, 2016

We took a trip to Kentucky in July to meet a special little addition to our family. My niece Abigail "Abby" Rigsby Parsons. She is a great baby and the boys (especially baby whisperer Duncan) are excited to have another little girl in the family. It was an action packed couple of days with the Bryer Festival, kid-free dinner at Merrick Inn, and lots of nonstop play with the cousins.

After a few days in the L-E-X we headed down the road to Louisville. Thankfully, our dear friends were in town from Seattle which meant a celebrating a fantastic friends birthday and a pretty awesome reunion for Wip and his lifelong buddy Preston. We also got to hang with the ol' playgroup crew, got to catch up with the book club crew, and stayed up talking until 1am with dear friends that I miss like crazy.

Kentucky will always be home for me. Visiting Kentucky is challenging because you want to see/do/be/ everything and that is just not possible. I am so lucky that we got to spend a little time in my ol' Kentucky home.