Key West

Saturday, July 9, 2016

A few weeks ago we headed down to Key West. We were visiting friends we met through the Bridges to Fort Campbell program started at Kentucky Country Day School. Our friends just had their eighth child (seven boys and one girl) about four months prior. I am going out on a limb to say that it was one of the most relaxing and fun weekends we have had in a long time. 

Sarah (the mom), was talking about how people will just say anything when you are having your eighth child...she said that one mom said to her "well, you will have this potty training down because you are an expert". She told me this statement frustrated her so much because EVERY child is different and while it was easy with some it was unpredictably difficult with others. I loved her honesty about not having all of the answers and questioning how they could really have "child experts" in the world. Her point was that she was no expert, but boy did she and Doc know how to make some beautiful children! 

Upon arrival, some of the children were reading books while others were cleaning the kitchen. In another scenario the seven-year-old (yes, that is Wip's age) was folding and putting away towels. I talked with the seven-year-old at length about how television never portrays boys taking care of and loving babies, it is always little girls that have the role. He felt this was unfair because boys enjoy babies just as much as girls (yes, it was deep). Another bragging (aka adorable moment witnessed) about this family was that EVERYONE loved the baby. It did not matter if it was the 15-year-old changing a diaper or the 2-year-old giving the baby a kiss on the forehead. That baby was being loved on all of the time...and it sure did melt my heart. 

The weekend culminated with a celebration of promotions for Doc and his buddy. The children babysat the other children so the adults could enjoy a night to say we did. We went to a bar that allowed us to listen to live music, dance to hip hop, sing karaoke, and made for some fabulous people watching. We had a blast. 

On the way home we stopped in The Moorings Village & Spa  to check out where they film Bloodline (one of our favorite shows). A sweet lady came up to our car and in a very polite way said: "I know why you are here, and I am sorry but this is private property"....DENIED! What we did see was GEORGOUS...beautiful backdrop for good people that did a very bad thing:) 

Doc sent us newspaper clippings before we arrived which just made us feel even more welcomed!

Future is so bright...

Made it!

So many roosters!

Riding the train through Key West

Toot toot!

Southernmost Point Buoy

Orange Fizzy time!

My boys and me. 


Found a bar...lets check it out

Star Wars bar...right up our alley

Rock Em' Sock Em' Robots, anyone? 

Goose and Maverick 

Parents Night Out

Will you please just notice the preciousness of this dolls, thumb sucking, snuggles...I can't take it.


Silly time

Tent time

Key West = Key Lime Pie (Wip gets photo cred) 


Climbed a lighthouse

Party like it is 1999....or like you are in Key West 


Cut that cake