Forf of July

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I came home from our Forth of July weekend in Sea Island (a tradition I love) with the understanding that this was possibly the last time that Duncan will be calling it the "forf" of July. My baby is growing up. Here are some highlights from our time at the beach...

Our week started like this...

And pretty much stayed with the two of them together all week (adorbs)

Snowcone Time

Sharing with Baby Francie (of course)

Group Shot with the Cousins


Looking cute

Looking silly 

Ready for Daddy to come home (he was at a conference in Cali)

Stars and Stripes and Donuts!

Taking a little trail ride with Jack Frost

Swim time with Daddy


Shuffle Board anyone? 

Beach Club

We love Kate!

Waiting for the parade to start...

Selfie Time


Impossible group shot

Just waiting for someone to put candy down his shirt

We are family are tall

Her happy place

Smile for a Mile




Mother and this pic

Duncan: What about we blow this popsicle stand? Francie: Word

Happy Birthday America!!!!