Magic Moment

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

You have so many emotions as a parent. Worry, joy, frustration, hope. You want your child to be happy. You want your child to enjoy learning. Honestly, you want people to like your kid.

As some of you know my relationship with Wip's school has been a bit of a roller coaster. Lots of ups and downs. I have always held out hope for this little school because of the teachers who believed in my child. It was not an easy road and I learned what it means to be your child's biggest advocate. I can't say that everyone at the school rallied around us during our tough time, but a few did and it is because of them that I had a magic moment during Wip's parent-teacher conference this afternoon.

The parent-teacher conference started with his teacher saying "there are a few conferences that I dread...and this is definitely not one of them". She went on to tell us about a meeting that she had with some of the other teachers in which they went around and shared something that they were proud of for the year. Mrs. Parkins said, "I only needed to say one word at that meeting...Wip". Cue the tears that started streaming down my face.  Not only is he thriving academically but also socially.

Some of the comments from his progress report include:

Wip's behavior is outstanding. He showed respect for peers and adults, displayed a positive attitude, followed class rules, was well-behaved in class, was friendly and well-liked by classmates, used knowledge to solve problems and extend thinking, participated in class discussions and followed directions nicely. Wip, it has been a really pleasure having you in my class this year.

Wip, you are the definition of creativity! You are such a gifted young man with a heart of gold. I can't get enough of you. Love you lots and see you in first grade. 

Wip is fabulous! His energy, creativity, and enthusiasm are unmatched. I couldn't ask for anything more. His smile and laugh also make my day!

Wip is kind, happy, polite, funny and then some! He is a wonderful game and team player.

I walked out of the conference feeling so much happiness I thought I was going to explode. My little man...he is going to be alright.


Franciemull said...

...because of the love you surround him with every day...

Melody Kazee said...

Such a wonderful post! This amazing boy has equally amazing parents. So Proud

Mollie Creason said...

Tears, tears, tears. SO proud of you, WIP!!! xo