This Parenting Thing Is Tough

Monday, February 8, 2016

Last night I was cleaning up while the boys were finishing up dinner. Duncan got up with a spaghetti noodle in his hand and proceeded to sneak up to Wip and stick the noodle in his eye. I lost it. We had talked all weekend about being kind and that is what he does? I yelled. I felt my face getting warm. I put him to bed with no books.

The other day Wip got the "I did not get my way pouty face". I can't even remember what he wanted. That is how important it must have been. The problem is that when he gets in that mode he starts what we call "silly talk". Silly talk goes something like "I want to be in trouble forever" or "I don't want any toys ever again". You have no idea how much this drives me crazy. Sometimes I snap. I fall for the trap. I started talking silly talk right back..."oh yeah, well I am going to throw all of your toys away". Real mature, mom, real mature.

I know that neither one of those situations are THAT bad, but these situations tested me. I have no idea what I am doing in this parenting thing and sometimes it is really tough to try and figure out. I do know that we have good days and bad days. And way more good than bad. I might not handle every teachable moment in the way that it should be handled...but I will try and I will be persistent. It is funny as I type this and think about how the boys react when I go nuts versus when I talk to them in a normal tone with more of the "disappointment" angle. They respond so much better to the calm/normal talk versus the crazy talk. Gees, they must be human...ha!

Today, we went to the allergist for Wip's allergy shot. I have told the boys time and time again to not rush through the lobby and if they see someone trying to enter or leave to hold the door open for them. A few weeks ago they almost ran over an elderly lady in a walker trying to walk through the door (again, it was not one of my finest parenting moments as I flipped out on them in the elevator). But we have talked about it and worked at it and talked about it some more. This afternoon when Wip opened the door and noticed a lady was walking to exit, he stayed put with the door open for her. He was smiling, she was smiling, I was smiling. I think all of the smiles and happy feeling will stick and I am hopeful that will not be the last time he opens the door for someone.


Melody Kazee said...

Won't get easier for awhile. But you and Patrick are doing just fine