Father and Son Camp

Sunday, June 28, 2015

So I did it again...that looooooooong pause with blogging. But there are a few things that I need to get out. First on the agenda is the awesome weekend that Patrick and Wip had at Falling Creek a few weeks ago. Just to put a little oomph to the awesomeness of the weekend, Wip has talked about this trip daily. It was a moment, a memory, a great time, and I know he will never forget.

So a little background. Patrick went to Falling Creek as a little boy and LOVED it. I was not sure when they hit the road if Wip or Patrick was more excited. Fast forward to campfires, crafts, games, and most importantly new friends and the weekend was nothing less than spectacular.

My favorite story from the weekend was not a story about Wip, but his new buddy Benjamin. As most of you know I have a pretty animal obsessed little boy. At one point Wip walked up to a group of 8 to 10 year olds and asked if they wanted to play "warewolf". They pretty much blew him off. Later that day during lunch Wip and Benjamin walked by the same group of boys. The boys started mocking Wip and making fun of him. Benjamin walked up to the boys and said "I am a warewolf too". Thank you Benjamin. After hearing the story I wanted to call up Benjamin's parents and just let them know what a kind boy they are raising.

While the weekend was pure marketing genius, I have a feeling my boys are going to make many more memories at Falling Creek. Wip told me that I could go to a mother/daughter camp and I told him I would need a daughter to do that...he responded "you have a daughter, her name is Delia!". That kid. I think I will keep him:)