Monday, March 23, 2015

Picture the panic...we are set to get up at 4:30am to catch a 7:20am flight. This is our first time flying out of Orlando as a family and we are so excited to head to Jackson Hole. We start moving around and I am getting ready to jump in the shower. I glance at my phone and notice that it says 6:20 and not 4:20....holy craaaaaaaaaaaap! We threw the kids in the car, zipped up the suitcase and headed to the airport {I did not even brush my teeth}. I was trying to check in and the lady just started laughing. She said that there was no way we would make the flight. I started crying and told her that we overslept. She looked at me and said "thank you! thank you so much for being honest with me!". She put me in touch with Karen F. who got us on an 8am flight to Atlanta and even though we had a 5-hour layover, we made it to Jackson by 6:00pm. Shooooo weeeeeee. The drama.
Thank goodness for devices when traveling

Snow angels on the wall 

We made it!


This year, I was the only girl on the trip {outnumbered again}, but that did not stop me from having an absolute blast. I love that Wip and Duncan are not only learning how to ski at such a young age, but they LOVE it. 
Poor little man

Duncan woke up pumped to ski each morning

Feeling better

No coat needed...it was SO warm

Double it {water and lemonade}

Granddaddy is that you?
Day 1 of skiing Wip had a little altitude sickness that he needed to sleep off, so Uncle Scotty, B.P., Patrick, and Duncan hit the slopes and I stayed with Wip so he could rest. When he woke up, he was so ready to get to ski school that he was practically running up the stairs. When we arrived we got to see Duncan taking on the mountain {click here}. After a great afternoon on the slopes, we hit up a great BBQ place that allowed you to put your peanut shells on the floor. Consider Duncan's mind blown. Wip introduced us to his new favorite app called Zoo Me in which you take a picture of someone and then put their face on an animals body...it was pretty funny.
Ready, set, ski!
My boys


I received this precious picture while I was on the slopes and just had to throw it in...cute she be any cuter?


Me and Granddaddy

Gondola ride!

Day 2 was filled with ski, sun, and fun. The boys rocked it at ski school {click here for Duncan's progress}  and then took a gondola trip with daddy. Being out all day sure does make bedtime come early. I think everyone was passed out by 8pm.

Every morning.

Granddaddy with tiny goggles

Uncle Scotty

He was FINE!

Happy boy

Granddaddy and his first grandson

Day 3 was our last day and by 1pm the mountain was full of slush (i.e. making it very difficult to ski). It was St. Patty's day so the adults decided to enjoy some adult beverages before we had to pick up the boys from ski school. We got a call about 2:30 that Wip had hurt his knee and we needed to come to the clinic. We did not get the "EMERGENCY COME NOW" vibe, but we still made our way up the mountain to make sure he was ok. Upon arrival, he was sipping some apple juice and seemed fine as wine. He told me that when he was on the mountain he heard a "pop" in his knee and told his instructor. We had him walk on it and put a little pressure on it, and he was absolutely fine. We thanked the staff for taking such good care of him and the nurse stopped me on the way out and said "you have a good kid here...he is really sweet, I have a three-year-old and I just hope when he is five that he will be as sweet as your son". Well if that just isn't enough to melt you, I don't know what would be. After the clinic we went to check on Duncan and this is what we found...such progress!

We came, we ate, we skied, we loved it. Until next time Jackson!


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Looks like a great trip!