Monday, February 16, 2015

I took Wip to his OT appointment last week and the receptionist looked at me and said "you seem happy". She was right...I AM happy. Making our house into a home, being able to take Wip to his appointments, watching Duncan attempt to walk across the balance beam in gymnastics class...how can I not be happy? The other thing that makes me happy is the hilarious things that come out of my children. Here are some examples:


"Agh fireworks are asleep, in the summer they are awake, that is hilarious."

"I fink I'm just going to roll to school" 

Instead of I am busy he says I am dizzy

He thinks that when you kiss on the lips it means you got married.

That time he told Drew thank you for the doggie (click here to see).

When you start a book and you tell him the title and author he ALWAYS replies "yeah they wrote the book, but I wrote the book lasterday"

He says Minja Turtles {instead of Ninja Turtles}


He calls poison oak, "poison joke".

Instead of material he calls it "experience".

When he gets water in his ear he says that he has bubbles in his ear

When his foot falls asleep he says it sparkles

While we were in Kentucky we drove by Build a Bear and he exclaimed "look that is where I got Lucky!". After thinking it through I realized he was referring to his stuffed horse.

Happy moments. Keep em' coming.


Melody Kazee said...

Thank you! Love these posts!