Holidays N Such

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

So a funny thing happened today...I was reading some blogs and one of my favorites posted how she thought this shirt was adorable. I love her style so when I clicked on the link I immediately thought the same thing! Side note: I am a HUGE buffalo check fan. So if you are any rational human you probably noticed as soon as you clicked on the link that it is for a little girl (as in it only goes up to 5 years). At first I was bummed, but then I thought...I HAVE A NIECE!  That is right ladies and {maybe} gentleman, while this post is meant to give you every Mulloy holiday moment in December, the most important and joyous moment of the month came on December 27 at 10:12am when Frances Lowe Creason "Francie" was born. Healthy and perfect just the way we like them:)

Proud Papa

Uncle Patrick

Sweet baby girl

William really could have cared less, but just wait...he will never know life without his baby sister
The month was filled with ice skating (in FLORIDA), magical moments at Disney, hanging with cousins, and more love and joy than you could ever fill a room with...yep, I am feeling pretty blessed as 2015 is rolling in (can someone just please find a way to stop time?). Here is proof:
Ernie (our elf) brought holiday jammies for the boys...for some reason Duncan thought it would be cool to wear my name tag to bed

I had a "work" function at Universal Studios and took this pic in honor of William

We went ice skating (in shorts and t-shirts!).

Wip loved it (until he hit the ice pretty hard and was over the ice skating)

Taking a rest

It was probably more work for daddy than enjoyment for D

After skating we rode some rides, ate some sushi, and went SLEDDING!

Duncan made a Baby Jesus 

Wip had a gift fair at his school and was SO excited to share what he bought for his loved ones

Ernie looking all cute letting the boys know that they will be visiting Disney

It was such a treat taking the boys to this event...might just need to make it an annual thing.

We started at the tree (if you look closely you can see the castle)

Had some belly laughs on the tea cup ride

I think Wip was over saying cheese

We almost missed the parade because we were tired (and D wiped out while running towards me and a rope met his neck..not a pretty sight). So glad we caught the was magical.

Sleepy boy

They each got to pick out a toy

A sloth came to visit me at work

And so did a penguin 

and Shamu!!!

I almost missed D's pageant (thanks traffic)...thankfully I got there just in time

Would not want to have missed this.

I find it funny that D has a "laugh of the day" at school

Then we went to Sea Island (happy place). Click here to see Wip singing one of his favorites "Wild Lips".

Duncan and his Dinosaur

Acting silly in front of the Frozen gingerbread house

Now that is some sugar

Wip and Duncan met some friends and it was so much fun watching them play (while I enjoyed a glass of wine:)

The stockings were hung...

he is the best {especially when he is asleep}

Ready for church!

Mimi's basement was a HIT!

Present time!

Granddaddy and his first

If Francie had not come along, this would have been my most liked insta pic:)

Side note: Baby George looks just like William!

Duncan entertained us during the here for proof.

We headed to Grams and Poppy's for more presents and fun

Grams and her boys!

Can I take your picture?

Hunter and D = TROUBLE!

These boys love each other so much...and I love it.

Hanging with the bestie

Toys, toys, and more toys!  Thanks Aunt Miranda!

We took William to the mall and he ran up to this picture and said "MOMMY!" that kid.

Duncan and Drew did not miss a beat...when we got in the car, D said "Drew is my best buddy"

The boys asked me to watch "Up" with them one morning...I did not say no:)

Loved hanging with another bestie on New Years Eve!

So proud of Uncle Omar and his new adventure in Seattle!

Sure am going to miss seeing that red head when I come back to town!

Good thing that these two will always be best buds no matter the distance

But seriously...can we get back to the fact that I have a niece and she is perfect?