Monday, September 29, 2014

Every Sunday we stop at the East End Market for ciabatta rolls. I think we do it so the boys will say ciabatta. It is hilarious. 

I thought about making the title of this blog post "Oh No He Didn't" and maybe even starting a series...but then I thought when I reflect back on previous blog posts nothing would stand out more than the title "POOP!".


It looks like a burger, but it was actually one of the best cupcakes I have ever put in my mouth.
A little background. Our weekend was amazingly calm and rainy. On Friday we went to B&B Junction   which has quickly become one of my favorite spots. Not only do they have AMAZING burgers and beer, but they have a basket FULL of books for kids. The boys know to grab a book, finish it, and then go and get another book. It keeps them occupied and mommy and daddy happy to enjoy a beer after a long week.
Just in time to save the world...

A little break to watch Lego Batman.

Duncan asked who was in this picture and when I told him daddy's grandmother and daddy he said "that is not daddy, he does not have spikey hair, that is me when I was a baby". Ok. 

Saturday we met some new friends thanks to our buddies Carrie and Jared and enjoyed..wait for it...a farmers market WITH a petting zoo. Consider Wip's mind completely blown. It was nice meeting up with non-locals to discuss the craziness of Florida football and traffic. We then went costume shopping (not necessarily Halloween costumes). I have decided that costumes make my boys very, very happy. So a little investment in Batman and Spiderman will be hours and hours of entertainment. Worth it.
Wip enjoy ciabatta bread.

Best coffee ever made. I dream about it.

Off to the pool...do you think that D would actually remove spiderman from his wardrobe? Nope.

Wip came across a butterfly and asked me to take a picture. When I got up close, I realized that I was interrupting.

Heading to church...the red shoes are back!
Sunday we went to church. I like our new church. Father Rob is amazing and I have really felt a sense of belonging and fellowship at All Saints. Duncan goes to the nursery and Wip attends church with us (and is pulled out for the children's chapel, which he LOVES). I now need to provide a little side note before I get started with my story...

Duncan goes on the potty 92% of the time. Sometimes it is our fault for not catching the signs and other times he will go to the bathroom and most will end up in the potty and a little bit will end up on the floor (not really sure how this happens). The other day he was very sneaky when returning from the bathroom. I asked if he went in the potty and he said "yes!", I asked if he missed the potty and he responded "you cannot go look, it is very expensive". Every time Duncan tries to get into my jewelry or anything that is valuable I will tell him that he cannot touch a certain item because "it is very expensive". Apparently, this is how he also feels about his poop. Sure enough he had gone in the potty and also on the floor. Head scratcher.

Fast forward to picking up D from church. I walked in to a pretty empty childcare room and they told me that he was in the bathroom. In his defense (kind of) he was dressed in a precious john john that can be tricky if you need to use the restroom and you do not explain to your teachers you are not sure how to take your clothes off...I am pretty sure you know where this is going by now. After waiting for a few minutes, the door flung open in the bathroom and there was poop all over the wall, all over the floor, and all over Duncan. How exactly does one poop on the wall? A forever mystery. I was so mad I could have just screamed. The teacher tried to clean it up and I refused her kindness...nobody needed to clean my child's poop off of a wall. Patrick and Wip went to the car and 30 minutes of scrubbing a bathroom, D and I headed to the parking lot in a different set of clothing. Embarrassed, disgusted, and furious describe my emotions. Duncan's emotions you might ask? While I was scrubbing the wall with Lysol he yawned and said "Mommy, I sure am getting sleepy". Really kid? Really?

The weekend was capped off with a family night at church. Face paint, pizza, and lots of running around was the perfect way to end a great (not so great) weekend.