More Than A Horse Ride

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Nice to meet you

Click here for his first lesson

Learning the ropes 

Duncan was dying to get on a was tough

His favorite horse Macy

Last month we found ourselves grasping to help Wip transition to his new home. School had yet to start, he talked about missing his friends, and almost daily he would mention wanting to go back to his "old" house.

The logical move would be to sign him up for horseback riding lessons in a place that because it had an "Orlando" address, we somehow thought that meant that it was close by. It was not. About 45-50 minutes (on a good day) we found the farm off the beaten path. Every lesson I would text his instructor that we would be running 5 minutes late, because every time (no matter how early I would leave) we would find ourselves in some kind of traffic. It was stressful especially because the lesson only lasted 15 minutes.

Driving almost an hour for a 15 minute lesson may not seem logical to some. But they don't know Wip. They did not see the absolute joy in that little boys face when we would walk up to the stable. They did not watch him take a carrot up to his favorite horse Macy and just stare at her with complete awe. They did not see the instructor let him go on his own and then watch him get stuck.  If you ask me, it was not only logical, it was necessary. No regrets. It was more than just riding a horse. It was excitement, discipline, and pure joy on a little boys face when you would say to him "come on Wip we need to get you to your horse!".


Melody Kazee said...

So glad to hear how happy this makes him. Wish D could ride as well

Franciemull said...

You and Patrick are such good parents...