Frozen and Friends

Thursday, August 14, 2014

So happy together...
I will protect you Sleeping Beauty (with my mighty stick)

Mommy, is this coffee? (it was lemonade)

Snow White and Sleeping Beauty in Winter Park!
The other night I asked Wip if he knew who was coming to visit this weekend (the answer should have been Grams and Poppy). "SMALL CAROLINE?!" he responded. Silly boy, she just visited last weekend. He was obviously still on a high about it. We had such a great time showing our friends the new town.

The added bonus was not understanding the rules of Disney and thinking we could just get into the character breakfast with only a reservation. Little did I know that in addition to making a reservation to the breakfast you also needed to purchase tickets into the park (I guess we would have been the only fools to attend a character breakfast and then leave the park). I went to guest service and fully disclosed my ignorance. The sweet young man noticed my 502 area code when filling out a form and asked if I was from Louisville. It turns out he used to live in St. Matthews as a young boy and has the best memories of my old Kentucky home. As I handed him my debit card with knots in my stomach as to what the total would be, he handed me three passes and said "don't worry about it, have fun". We did.
I spy with my little eye...a Mickey waffle

It started with a reach...

Then Jake and Wip sang and danced around the entire restaurant. Click here to see some moves.

Sophia said "look in my eyes when I am talking to you". JK

I know it looks like CC is choking...but she is fine. Now, I cannot tell what D is doing behind her...mystery.

Then we saw Kristoff 

Even better than Kristoff was our friends that were IN the parade. We got this fancy pass to sit in the VIP section.

Here they come...

Elsa was so excited to see Wip

Unfortunately for Elsa, Wip had monsters to draw. Check out this sing along video and just watch how much Wip was into it.

Before the face paint (he was so excited)

After (he was now officially Buzz Lightyear...and proud of it).

Wip turned into a dragon...he kind of scared me all day when I looked at him.
I have heard from a few Disney aficionados that Hollywood Studios is the worst. I thought it was a great way to spend the day (yes, part of that is because it was free)!  The smile on Wip's face when he danced with Jake, the children belting out "Do You Want To Build A Snowman" at the sing along, and even at the end of our visit when the kind man asked if he could "touch up" the boys face painting all made for an exhausting but wonderful experience. I was cussing the big ears when I had to wait in line for one and a half hours to ride the Toy Story ride and Duncan fell asleep (heavy) and Wip fell off the metal bars landing right on his private parts (ouch). When we got to the actual ride (that maybe lasted 8 minutes) I was over the place, but then I got to see how excited the boys became when they saw all of their favorites (Woody, Buzz, Bullseye, etc.). So, you might be asking, does this mean the Mulloy family will be getting a season pass?  As Olaf would say "nope".