Days With D

Friday, August 22, 2014

What do you get when you have a child that started kindergarten, a husband out of town, and a three year old that does not start until the next week?  A LOT OF DUNCAN TIME. Trust me, I am not complaining. Duncan is one of those predictable/unpredictable kind of kids. You know that he will be fine once he gets a "chocolate milk/regular milk", you know that he will get frustrated and want to pick out his own outfit {thankfully, he can easily be talked into wearing what I want him to wear}, but what you don't know is will he be a cooperative child or a crazy is truly a mystery.

This kid is thirsty. Always.

He has the most amazing bed head.

Ice cream for lunch.

Reading books is exhausting.

D-"I have to close my eyes, now I open my eyes, now I close my eyes". This went on for 15 min on the way home from dropping off Wip. Everytime the sun would hit his eyes he would mention it. Thankfully, it is a pretty quick car ride:)

Lunch date at Johnny Rockets. I imagined I was having an In and Out burger (it was tasty). After Duncan finished eating he said "that was a delicious lunch". 

Me-"What are you doing?" Duncan-"just thinking about Wip". Brotherly love.
I know, I know. It is terrible. Ice cream for lunch and then doughnuts. I don't know if it is mom guilt or just really living in the moment, but this kid has my heart and I love making him happy.

Oh yeah...sugar crash.
For the most part we have had a blast. We met his teachers Ms. Peggie and Ms. Natalie {we hit the lottery because they are amazing}, we got invited over for a "flash" playdate {Duncan has decided that he does not like girls that he does not know, so it was a little awkward}, we went to the mall, we watched movies, we had ice cream for lunch, we had doughnuts for lunch {after the teacher visit we learned that she has a juice free zone and only allows fruits and vegetables for snacks..yikes}, and we tested out how long it takes if we try to hit up Ikea before we need to be in the carpool line to pick up Wip {we were successful}. It is crazy to me that I will be starting a new job on Tuesday and my time with this little man will be limited. Just makes it even more special the time that I do have because he is one of a kind!


Melody Kazee said...

He is really an amazing, one of a kind little boy