Indoor Games

Sunday, January 12, 2014

It is not an indoor game day without one sock on D's hand
The boys have become very creative with their indoor games. This is a good thing, because lately we have spent a LOT of afternoons indoors. While I would love to be that parent that gets outside, the problem is...I hate the cold. I am a total wuss. So, indoor games it is.
Wip's parade of animals

Wip is a HUGE fan of hide and seek. I have to question his rules sometimes. For example, after a few rounds of the original game, he will switch it up and have us all hide at the same time (yeah, it gets a little confusing). 

The other indoor game that has proven a huge hit is the "racehorse game". This is when we line up in the kitchen and run around the house pretending like we are horses. While playing this (sorry, I have to brag on my sweet boy Wip) he insisted that we play at least three times so that each of us could win. He wanted both me and Duncan to know what it felt like. Keep it up kid, keep it up. Your kindness will get you far in life, I promise.


cbm said...

Wip = sweetest. child. ever. Love him and your stories. And you too, of course. :-)