2013 Sea Island

Monday, January 6, 2014

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Wip could not wait to get to the beach. On the way he would ask "are we at the beach, yet?" (about 1500 times). I must say I was right there with him. Heading down to Sea Island at the end of each year is the perfect way to reflect and recharge.
The boys were amazing both ways...stopping 1/2 way in Chattanooga was a life saver.
Click here to find out what D calls a biscotti.
Working on some Ninja Turtle art

D wanted in on the action too

We even squeezed in a nap

High kicks for getting to the beach!

Hey-ooooo, ready to have some fun?

Afternoon movie 
 Click here to find out who Wip was cheering on for the UK v. UofL game. Good boy.
William and D owning the pool

The goggles were more of an accessory

Candy shop stop after a dip

Please notice the kid in a puffer jacket and Wip in swim trunks, we came ready for sunshine!


That is better:)

Conversations on the playground

Anniversary meal at Southern Soul BBQ followed by American Hustle (good, but need a little more "hustle")

No 7 year ache here!

My little Picassos 

D started playing with William's town...

And then all of the boys wanted in on the action (William with his car and Wip with his map)

Wip went to a Pirate Party....ARRRRG!

Lots of chicken and french fries were consumed

Lots of exploring

Mr. Christmas admiring the decorations

Patrick recommend that we watch Computer Chess on Netflix....I would NOT recommend it.

Wip loves climbing the tree 

We celebrated 2014 with a wonderful dinner outdoors with a firepit and oysters

Weird selfie...probably not necessary to post, but here ya go

Wip put this puzzle together everyday...he LOVED it.

Morning snuggles with Mimi

D gave a strong cheers to Uncle Scotty...unfortunately spilling his drink

Pizza kisses from D = the best.

Change is good. I have switched from Vimeo to You Tube (easier downloading). Let me know if you have issues viewing:)


Melody Kazee said...

Nice post, love the pictures! The very first video didn't work but the rest were fine.