Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Here is why...
Wip and D play with the Christmas decorations instead of their toys. I started to get upset and Wip explained that they were creating Christmas Town...go imagination, go.

We built a snowman and it required a carrot for the nose and a Hersey bar for the eyes and mouth (per Wip)

Being inside (all of the time) sure does bring the sillies out!

Lots of cookies are consumed this time of year...

D is checking out the details

Little date night with my boys at Tony Boombazz

Wip was working so hard to make this picture look "very beautiful". The Cats were playing while we were there and he told me he thought they would win *darn those Cats* (oh, he also mentioned that he likes the Cats and the Cardinals). 

We went to a Polar Express PJ party at Charmichaels

D made this

Wip worked on his letter to Santa

He wanted it to be perfect

All Aboard!  Yes, if you have not already noticed...D left the house with the sock on the hand, should I be worried?

Visions of sugar plums danced in his head