The Good (no, Great) Weekend

Monday, June 10, 2013

Saturday morning started with doughnuts. I went for a run that morning and then had the best idea to completely counter the calories burned with a sugary, delicious treat (oh yeah, I got some for the boys too:).

Wip just eating the icing and not the "bread"

Duncan is having a stare off with the doughnut...
The doughnut won:)

After Wip's tball game we headed to Lexington to drop the boys off at Aunt Kelly and Uncle Mike's house for a cousin sleep over!  Patrick and I headed to Cincinnati for some adult time that included burgers, beers and baseball.
Round 2 of the doughnut (it was the after tball game snack)
Reds (4) v. Cardinals (2)

I had so much fun with this crew!

Cute couple alert!

Rivals can still be friends:)

The team that was losing during the 4th inning had to buy this for the winning team (Reds were losing)

Dig in!

Back in Lexington the boys were having a blast too!

It was not just a good weekend, it was a great weekend!  Sometimes even a little break makes me realize just how lucky I am to be able to come home to these goof balls.


cbm said...

I love your new(ish) haircut - you look gorgeous!!

mkm said...

@cbm Thanks so much!!