2013 Spring Break-Good Camera Pictures

Monday, April 8, 2013

And you thought it was the end of the 2013 Spring Break posts...not so fast!

Here are some pictures from Emily and Matt's good camera...kinda makes me want one.


Such a proud papa

Beach Hangin'

Parent Night Out (weird arm Mandy)

Patrick loves doing this to cameras

Apparently it was funny

Chrissy is fist pumping

I have the hiccups

Wip introducing Finn to Jake and the Neverland Pirates 

So sweet

Carrie and Louis

Another proud papa!

I love this picture (and not just because I got him the outfit:)

Who knew that DVF was making kids clothes for GAP?  So cute!

Abbie is not happy

Finn is being such a gentleman!

Mama and Daughter

Happy hour for Duncan at the Beach Club

Finn took Abbie's little arm like such a gentleman

Tiny pic

The Droessler's