Wacky Wednesday

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We have been reading a lot of the Dr. Seuss book "Wacky Wednesday" lately and today it fit.

Duncan has an ear infection and Wip has green snot coming out of his nose so we skipped music class.This means we have not left the house in three days. Now that is wacky.

Wip is definitely not my arts and crafts kid. The stories of having a child that will doodle and draw for hours just does not apply with him. But letters. Oh my. He could talk and think about letters all. day. long. He asks about letters, he wants to know what words start with what letters, and he will generally drive anyone around him wacky asking "what does cow start with?". When I pulled out an old school Fischer Price desk, I had no idea the hours of entertainment it provided. Who needs doodles or drawing? Score.

Duncan was bathed, brushed, and pajamas on. We had read two books and it was time to put him to bed. Each night it is pretty darn cute to hear Wip from the bath tub calling out that he needs to give his "brudder" a hug and a kiss. Duncan waddled over to the bathtub and I was putting the books away. It took all of one second for me to look up and see Duncan's feet hanging out of the bathtub. Great. Luckily the giggles I heard from the boys made it not that big of a deal, but still a little wacky!