Who Knew?

Monday, February 4, 2013

I have had a lot of  "who knew?" moments lately.

Who knew that the short film Paperman would get me in the spirit for Valentine's Day?  If you have not checked it out, you totally should...worth the 6 minutes and 35 seconds.

Who knew that my children would enjoy pot roast?  We went to the Amin's house last week and when Aunt Fee Fee offered to feed the boys, I politely told her that my children would not eat pot roast. When I returned from using the restroom, Duncan was inhaling pot roast and then Wip finished every bite on his plate!

Who knew that we have a little Picasso in our house? We went to the Home Depot Kids Workshop this weekend. The project was a valentine holder. After Wip (I mean Patrick) finished hammering away, we went over to paint the project. Wip got really into it and Duncan ate the paint. 

Who knew that a new pair of running shoes and fantastic Jay Z song would get me through my early morning run? My apologies to the lady next to me that had to listen to my blaring rap music, it was just that motivating.
Who knew that I could still be obsessed with both Blake Lively and Taylor Kitch outside of the Serena van der Woodsen and Tim Riggins roles? Patrick and I watched Savages this weekend and it was pretty darn good. The question still remains if it was pretty darn good because I got to stare at those beautiful people or if it was just a good movie:)

Who knew that this little man could look as precious in his brother's cowboy boots (and daddy's hat)?