Wednesday, December 5, 2012

When I was a freshman in college I vividly remember my roommate asking me to put headphones on because she could simply not hear Satellite by the Dave Matthews Band one more time. I also remember packing in my Mazda 626 to drive up to Columbus, Ohio to see Dave for the first time. I did not have a CD player in my car so we jammed to Bob Seger the entire way (singing "working on the night moves" at the top of our lungs). Dave Matthews Band was the opening band for Big Head Todd and the Monsters, our tickets were in the fourth row, and the moment Dave stepped on the stage I was hooked. There is no way I can reflect on my late teens and early 20's without thinking about this band.
I had so much fun. Sometimes too much fun. It was a time in my life when guessing the next song that the band played at a show made me feel like I had just won the lottery. It was a time in my life when I heard that Dave was getting married and seriously feeling anger because we never had the chance to meet and I just knew we would hit it off. It was a time in my life that I actually traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia the town that Dave Matthews is from to see a show because I just knew that he was going to give everything he had to his hometown (and he did, it was pretty awesome). Yes, I was a crazy Dave fan (not the craziest I knew, but pretty nuts).

We worked so hard on those signs
When my best friend (and the person that I went to my first show with) asked me to go to the Dave Matthews show at the YUM! Center I said yes immediately. The ticket price had gone up from the $18.50 I had spent on my first show and I had lost touch with my Dave mania to know any of his recent songs, but I was excited.

In a side/unrelated story, I went to pick up Lindsay at her in-laws house (which I been to before a while back). I had Suri telling me where to go and when I turned in the court Suri was telling me to make a U Turn. Not listening to my silly phone, I went up to the house. It was the correct address so I just gave a little knock and walked in. The house was full of smoke (like cigarette smoke). I was so confused because I did not remember Becky or Mike being smokers. I started to call names "Lindsay, Becky, Mike!?". This old lady voice calls from the bedroom "Hayden, is that you?". Clearly I was in the wrong house. I leave scratching my head, because I knew the house. I was in the wrong court. The court over was where I should have been and it just so happened they built the same house, in the court over, with the same address, in the same neighborhood. Moral of the story is not to doubt your Suri when she tells you to turn around.

Lindsay said "if you would have told me at the first show we went to that 17 years later we would be at a Dave show, I would have said you were crazy". It was not the best show I had ever seen (the place was empty and everyone was basically on their phones the entire time) and it made me feel really, really, old. Aside from that I so enjoyed the memories that came flooding back. I will always heart Dave.
Here we are 17 years later!



I counted 14 ticket stubs...
Reminiscing about Dave made me think who Wip and Duncan will have as their "Dave Matthews Band". I feel like everyone should have that one band or type of music that will define a certain time in their life. When I asked Wip who his favorite singer was, without hesitation he said "Ms. Robin" (from school) and when I asked him what his favorite song was he broke out into a Hebrew melody that you could tell he really enjoyed. There is something out there for everyone.


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