You never want your child to be sick, but...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

This is where I found Wip before I left for work this morning

Wip has been a little under the weather this week.  His last day of being a turtle we received a phone call that "he was just not being himself" along with a 102 temp (yikes). While I hate the fact that he is feeling bad I do welcome the extra snuggles and sweetness that come along with it. Here are some examples:

  • Anytime I ask him if he would like to watch a TV show I always say "Wip do you want to watch a little Olivia?" this has carried over to Wip thinking that every show starts with "a little".  For example, when we brought him home from school on Tuesday he said "mommy, do you want to watch a little Timmy Time?" was pretty cute.
  • Dancing. Just because you are sick does not mean that you can't wiggle just a little bit. While dancing to "Ring of Fire", Wip asked me who was singing.  I told him Johnny Cash.  He looked up and said "yeah, sometimes Johnny Cash sings in daddy's car too".  I lost it.
  • Teaching. Wip has become very big on "teaching" Duncan. He informed me that we need to teach him how to walk and talk. This week he has been trying to show Duncan how to say "more" in sign language. While this is very sweet it might be a curse if Duncan learns this word because I have a feeling he will be eating us out of house and home!
  • Extra snuggle time. Last night Wip woke up crying. He just wanted to be held. We quietly snuck into Baby Duncan's room and I rocked him to sleep and wished that the moment would never end.
In Duncan news...look who is (almost) walking!