Happy Birthday Wip!

Monday, May 7, 2012

It is hard to believe how much my life changed three years ago today...

As a little girl I was obsessed with everything Strawberry Shortcake now I scour the Internet to try and find the triceratops dinosaur that was lost on a walk.

I had no idea what a mother/son relationship would be like and now when I hear him say "mommy, you ok?" the concern he has for me is nothing like I have ever known.

He is the kind of kid that I want to talk about (even if we have a bad day).

I would have never thought I could get so much joy out of giving this little boy a bath and seeing his eyelashes clump together (I know it sounds weird, but try it and you will see what I mean).

When we do something special, he appreciates it. Nothing can melt my heart like Wip telling me "mommy, I had good day at the zoo (or whatever the special might be)"

With everything I have and everything I know, I can honestly say that Wip Mulloy has given me so much joy and happiness that it means so much to me to wish this amazing little boy the best 3rd birthday ever.

Waking up as a 3 year old

Going to sleep as a 3 year old